Cairo Sleep Center

The Cairo Center for Sleep Disorders (CairoSleep) is a full-service sleep medicine center and sleep laboratory. Founded over 20 years ago, CairoSleep was the first clinical sleep medicine center to be established in Egypt and the Middle East. Our sleep medicine consultants and specialits, psychologists and technologists have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of sleep disorders.

Our Services

The full spectrum of services required for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders

Sleep Laboratory

Our fully equipped sleep laboratories and trained technologists allow us to perform a wide range of sleep tests such as polysomnography, CPAP titration, mean sleep latency test and others.


Cognitive behavioral therapy plays a major role in the treatment of many sleep disorders. Cairo Sleep Center offers a variety of psychotherapeutic programs that are delivered by specially trained psychologists under the supervision of experienced clinicians.

Psychotherapy is used in the treatment of insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, nightmares and other disorders.

Sleep Medicine Clinic

Over 70 sleep disorders have been identified. While some are much more common than the others, special training and experience are required to correctly diagnose and treat patients who suffer from abnormalities in the quality, quantity and/or timing of their sleep.

Sleep Aid Devices

Cairo Sleep Center provides measurement, fitting and patient education regarding CPAP machines and other sleep aid devices.

Online Consultations

Meet your doctors and therapists from the comfort of your home

Say goodbye to traffic, parking and waiting rooms. You can now book an appointment with your doctor or therapist and meet them online wherever you may be.

Sleep Better, Live Better

Whatever the difficulty you are having with your sleep, with the right treatment you can go back to sleeping like a baby. Contact us today to get the help you need.