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Dr. Shahira Loza

Shahira Loza, M.D., is the Founder and Director of the Cairo Sleep Center. She is a graduate of El Kasr el Aini Medical School, Cairo University, with postgraduate studies in Psychiatry and Neurology. Not only is she an Alumna of the Stanford School of Sleep Medicine and the International Center of the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Loza was certified in Sleep Medicine in France as a Montpellier Candidate with a Diplôme Interuniversitaire in Sleep and Wakefulness.

Dr. Loza’s vast experience has enabled her to promote and lead in the field of Sleep Medicine in the Arab world and Africa. She is one of the founders of the Egyptian Scientific Association of Sleep Medicine and Research.

She is one of the founders of the Egyptian Scientific Association of Sleep Medicine and Research; a member of the Executive Board of the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) as its representative for Africa; and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the European Sleep Research Society. She serves on the board of the Behman Hospital (Cairo, Egypt); Gouna Nursing Institute (Hurghada, Egypt); Breast Cancer Foundation in Egypt; and The Branches of the Vine Rehabilitation Center in Egypt. Dr Loza is a great believer in social responsibility and works very closely with various local and international organizations to improve healthcare awareness.

She is a speaker and organizer of scientific and medical awareness campaigns, initiatives, courses and workshops, as well as media presentations pertaining to Sleep Medicine, locally and regionally, within the Middle East. Her efforts target medical professionals, lay people and patients suffering from sleep disorders alike. Dr. Loza is a leading medical professional that works with patients directly, as well as an educator who has trained numerous physicians and technicians in the field of Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Shahira Loza
Dr. Ahmed Gharieb

Dr. Ahmed Gharib


Dr. Ahmed Gharib graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University in Cairo, and after obtaining his Masters Degree in respiratory diseases from the same university, he received a scholarship funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to study and work on the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Respiratory Disturbances during Sleep in Palermo, Italy. In 2012, he moved to France where he worked for one year in the Pulmonology Department of the Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal in Créteil. Currently he is an assistant researcher at the National Research Center in Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Sameh Ibrahim

Dr. Sameh Ibrahim is a resident and specialist of neuropsychiatry at the Abbasia Psychiatric Hospital in Egypt. He has been with the Cairo Sleep Center family since 2010 as a Sleep Medicine Physician. Dr. Sameh has attended sleep medicine courses offered by the Egyptian Ministry of Health. He has used his knowledge and experience to disseminate information to the public regarding sleep disorders and sleep medicine on several radio and television shows.

Dr. Sameh Ibrahiem

Dr.Tamer Sedky

Dr. Tamer Sedky is a specialist psychiatrist who joined Cairo Sleep Center in 2009. His previous experience includes working as a resident psychiatrist in the Abasseya Hospital for Mental Health, among other work experience. As a Sleep Medicine physician at Cairo Sleep Center, his responsibilities include being with the patients from their first consultation and assessment, attending his/her sleep study, prescribing treatment and any other follow up needs that might arise.

Sameh Ghabbour

As the chief PSG/EEG Technician, Sameh Ghabbour’s responsibilities include preparing, applying, recording and scoring PSG Studies which require him, among other things, to communicate with the patients during their all night Sleep Studies. After graduating from Cairo University, Sameh has proactively developed his career on many fronts. He has been with the CairoSleep family since 2001 and has documented more than 2,500 cases of PSG, CPAP and MSLT studies. Sameh’s work with the Behman Hospital has allowed him to document more than 1,500 cases of EEG Recordings. He is a member of the Egyptian Society of Sleep Medicine, author of the book Setting up a Patient for PSG, and he completed his certification from The Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine and Technology. Apart from organizing a vast number of courses in Egypt and the Reign, Sameh has trained almost every Sleep Medicine technician in Egypt.

Fayza Khaliel

Fayza Khalil

Fayza Fayek Khalil has been the Patient Care Coordinator and Facilitator at Cairo Sleep Center, since 2001. Since graduating from Cairo University, she has continually developed her language, computer and management skills through various courses and certifications. However, it is her ability to work with, and cater to, the needs of all of the patients that makes her a simply essential part of the Cairo Sleep Center family. It is Fayza who will take you through all the steps, appointments and follow-ups, from your first contact with Cairo Sleep Center until you have completed your treatment and are sleeping soundly.

George Morgan

Eng. George Farouk Morgan has been with the Cairo Sleep Center family since 2005. As the Technical Support Engineer, he is responsible for the technical support and maintenance of all of Cairo Sleep Center’s state-of-the-art medical devices. George has remained up to date on the medical advances in medical devices and has attended numerous trainings in several countries including Germany, UK, Belgium, Switzerland and China.

Goerge Morgan

Salima Barakat

Salima Barakat has a B.A. in psychology from the American University in Cairo. She has received certifications and trainings from Voice Dance in Bristol as well as Illuminations in Dubai, in collaboration with CHII (California Hypnosis Institute of India). Salima comes to the CairoSleep family with a wealth of experience from her previous work at the Behman Hospital and Misr Language Schools. Salima believes that Hypnotherapy is a great tool to offer clients suffering from a range of ailments, such as anxiety, fears and phobias, overcoming habits such as over eating, nail biting, and smoking. Hypnotherapy is also very effective with people suffering from insomnia as it uses several relaxation techniques that the patient can later use at home. Moreover, Hypnosis works on finding out some underlying reasons for insomnia as well as re-train the mind to expect a good night’s sleep.

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